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Surgery & Dentures

Oral Surgery & Reconstructive Dentistry in Bowling Green, Ohio

The office of David L. Donnell, D.D.S. offers oral surgery and reconstructive dentistry services to patients in Bowling Green, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.

Oral Surgery

For patients of any age we strive to provide comfortable procedures for your tooth extractions—even your wisdom teeth. Your first visit will be a consultation, during which we will assess your problems and decide whether a tooth can be saved, or if it must be removed. Further arrangements, including oral surgery, will be scheduled at this time. Our practice handles extractions and issues with your wisdom teeth.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

There are several phases of dentistry involved in full-mouth reconstructive dentistry, including fillings, crowns, bridges, and implants. We perform these procedures in order to restore a smile that has been damaged by any means.


Dentures can become a problem for patients who have to wear them regularly because they tend to move around. While we do offer classic denture cases, we can also anchor your dentures using implants so that they are immovable. For all your dental needs, you can count on Dr. Donnell and our general dentistry practice.

Request an appointment today to learn more about oral surgery and reconstructive dentistry in Bowling Green, Ohio, and see how we can help you.

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